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Having owned my ES8 for about 6 weeks 1800 km, I thought might share some insights.

I bought the car based on my preference when getting an EV; comfort, noice, performance and minimum range. I do not really care about FSD, but wanted safety related driving assistance.
ES8 was perfect and I bought signature edition (fully spec'ed) because of BaaS benefits given to early adopters, had I not opted for BaaS I probably would have gone with standard edition as it still has air suspension, Brembo brakes, 550+ bhp, laminated windows, leather interior and sunroof.

The car is surprisingly easy to drive, seating position is high and visibility is excellent. The power is addictive, it's measured to about 4.2 seconds from 0-100kph (62 mph) and braking distance of about 34 meters from 100 kph.

The seats are comfortable and second row visibility excellent, the soundsystem is great, the perfume dispenser a stroke of genius and ride quality is confident and comfortable. The cabin filters and climate system remove all outside odours. It's blissful to drive in a polluted tunnel and not even get a whiff of it inside the cabin.

The App and vehicle systems are very stable, the integration is excellent, but could use a little streamlining. You can start fast charging from providers connected to NIO, but not from the car and vice versa when it comes to battery swap.
Besides fast charging the app allows you to configure preheating (temperature, seats, steering wheel), manage home charging (if Nio charger installed), remotely open windows, locks. It's very stable.

Voice commands to the car system are very good and capable, you can adjust heating, open windows, change drive mode etc. However voice commands against the infotainment needs work, for instance having language settings to English and you cannot use Norwegian pronunciation for finding Norwegian addresses. Using voice to find music on tidal is limited to artist, not title and trying to use radio only triggers a long explanation as to why you should manually search. Tidal and radio work well using screen input.

Charging on DC is rated @120 kW, but in cold temperature it's hard to get any speed. Charging loss (heat build-up, car systems) when car is running while charging is about 12%. The display shows amps and voltage delivered to the battery and comparing with output on the charger itself you can find the difference. NIO added manual preheat of the battery, which I think is brilliant. Automatic preheat from navigation can give you range anxiety from the consumption increase.

Overall consumption is as expected, can get 20 kW/100 km (200 W per kM) on country roads and in a independent winterrange test this week the ES8 did 425 km. Rumors say it was done with 265/50-21 and WLTP is then 460 km, not 500 km. Highway speed is another topic and expect 30+ kW/100 km.

There has been issues with fog/mist on the windows in wet and cold weather. A fix was released today, but having had dry weather since new year it's hard to confirm.

The lock pin in the chargeport sometimes doesn't release, it's also supposed to be fix in last OTA, but battery swap is open and only use that for my electricity needs.

NIO customer support needs to improve, the use of App, FB group, email and phone without consistent information is frustrating. For instance, all owners are waiting for the fog/mist to be resolved, get no status or updates until William Lie himself give an update in a morning meeting with some owners. Today the update came, so why did they wait to update the customers and why did they do it solely in the app as part of another story.

I love my car, enjoy every day and forgive it's bulk and the avas sound
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Have you already changed between different battery sizes? Is it possible?
Have you already changed between different battery sizes? Is it possible?
Not yet, I think the 75 kWh option will be available in July/August. For summer I'd say it's probably usable, as the consumption (from less heating) is notably lower, buy winter I'd rather have 150 kWh.
But perhaps I'll be happy with 75 kWh all year.

It should be possible to change battery size if you opt for the BaaS program, not sure how the cars with purchased batteries will be handled later. They are working on a buy up/down/trade in plan.
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I love the possibility to swap the battery, but I don't want to depend on NIO. I think they raised the price of the BaaS in the last weeks. And there is nothing you can do as a BaaS customer.
That is true, and my biggest concern with buying the ES8. There is no price increase planned here in Norway, but it's a worry for sure. The level of service in China is a lot higher than here, every NIO user in China has at least 2 free swaps a month, you can order remote charging by mobile battery/generator vehicles, there is lifetime warranty options etc etc. So the operating cost per user is probably higher in China.
Also is a concern what happens if geopolitical issues escalate further or economic factors force a retreat from Europe.
Hello, I've questions regarding Nio ES8 air suspension: is this feature allows different postures of the vehicle which could improve it's aerodynamic specifications (lower comsumption) ?
In addition, is the air suspension allows to keep the same posture from unladen to full load for the vehicle ? (off-road capacity)
Yes and no, you cannot choose ride height, but cruising @100+ kph will automatically lower the ride height. Sport mode also lowers ride height regardless of speed.
The suspension will adjust to increased weight and ES8 has a high load capacity (~700kg). Please bare in mind that all EVs have battery underneath and are not really offroad vehicles 😊.
Hello @BubbaJoeFet , thank you for your quick and complete answer !
That's interesting, yes I understand your point, but another competitor (Toyota) is advertising its BEV BZ4X in off-road condition, so that's manageable if the vehicle is adapted...
I've seen elsewhere that the NIO ES8 could goes down to ease the "get into the car" process...
I did the sand pit run with NIO driving experience and it was awesome. The car handled very well and felt confident. Was more of a general thought to the use of BEV in offroading when it comes to the placement of the battery pack underneath. I'm pretty sure Rivian with its quad motor setup is a champion when it comes to traction.
Nio is Future !
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