NIO will also launch the very first battery swap station in the US around November 2022.
Rumors are brewing that Chinese Automaker NIO could start selling vehicles in the US by 2025.

In a report from, NIO may just enter the US by 2025. For those unfamiliar, NIO is a Chinese EV startup that has sold vehicles since 2016. Initially, the company started production with its EP9 hypercar. By 2018, it had introduced the ES8 7-passenger luxury EV SUV. The brand has further expanded in the compact and midsized luxury EV crossover and sedan markets, often going toe-to-toe with Tesla in the Chinese market. Most notably, NIO vehicles have the ability for batteries to be swapped out, significantly reducing recharge times.

Currently, the company does have some US-based offices. NIO SUVs have been routinely seen driving around California, but there hadn’t been any concrete plans coinciding with the brand’s intentions to become a “global company” and sell in the US.

But, found that NIO has posted job openings for its “NIO Houses,” or showrooms in NIO speak. An unnamed source told that NIO has plans to introduce its battery swap stations, as well.

Western and Chinese media alike have speculated on the brand’s global aspirations, and there are rumblings that the NIO is looking for a bigger North American office. Tariffs are unkind to Chinese imported vehicles, and the US tax credit revision won’t be applicable to any EV not made in North America. But, NIO might get around that, by simply building a factory here in the United States. Right now, none of this is confirmed, but the evidence looks fairly convincing. The NIO ES6, ES7, ES8, and ET5 sedans appear to be strong competition to European and American EV offerings.