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Hi everyone,
I'm from Germany and a car guy since I was little. In my teens I was a big fan of Lotus and pure analog driving. With the introduction of electric cars, this changed. Currently I own a VW Golf Diesel, as I had to drive long distances. To make the switch to electric as soon as possible, I ordered a base Tesla Model 3 in the beginning of this year. Altough I know, everyone waits for the new 4680 batteries. So the car will lose a lot of resale value, once the new battery will come out. That's what so interesting about NIO. With BaaS, you never have to think about this, as you can simply change your battery, when a new one comes out.

I follow the news about the ET5 although what I really need would be an ET4.

I also follow Lotus' switch to electric. But the new Porsche rivaling models are out of my price range.

Thank you very much
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