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Had to buy a Tesla, but an ET5 is what I really want

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Hi everyone,
I'm from Germany and a car guy since I was little. In my teens I was a big fan of Lotus and pure analog driving. With the introduction of electric cars, this changed. Currently I own a VW Golf Diesel, as I had to drive long distances. To make the switch to electric as soon as possible, I ordered a base Tesla Model 3 in the beginning of this year. Altough I know, everyone waits for the new 4680 batteries. So the car will lose a lot of resale value, once the new battery will come out. That's what so interesting about NIO. With BaaS, you never have to think about this, as you can simply change your battery, when a new one comes out.

I follow the news about the ET5 although what I really need would be an ET4.

I also follow Lotus' switch to electric. But the new Porsche rivaling models are out of my price range.

Thank you very much
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Hi and welcome, the ET5 is a sweet looking ride, NIO already finished the first batch of pre-production car. So they look on track for deliveries in Q3/4 in China. I wouldn't be to worried about resale, the current delivery for M3 in Norway is 2023, so demand is starting to outstrip supply on the M3.


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Idearly, I would wait for the second modelyear of the ET5. So that they iron out the first problems. Either way, I have to wait till next year for the ET5
Making the switch to electric vehicles is definitely the way to go, and Tesla is definitely a great choice. I understand your concern about the resale value and the new 4680 batteries, but I think it's good to stay informed and up to date with the latest developments in the automotive industry. Have you checked out ข่าวสารยานยนต์ รีวิวรถ ข่าวรถยนต์ เปิดตัว รถออกใหม่? They have a lot of articles and news about the latest in the car world. I particularly love reading about NIO's battery-as-a-service model and how it gives drivers the flexibility to easily upgrade their batteries without having to worry about resale value. And who wouldn't want to keep up with Lotus' electric journey, especially with all the exciting new models coming out.
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